Why Set Up A Cell Phone Repeater Antenna In The Attic

A cell signal booster system generally comes with two antennae, the amplifier and some other components. One antenna is always installed inside the building, where the cellular signal reception is weak or needs improvement. It is known as the internal or indoor antenna. The other antenna is generally set up outside the building.

Many factors will determine how much signal improvement you will have through a cell phone repeater system. One of these determinants is the position of the external antenna. It is used for receiving the signal, which originates from the closest cellular tower and then transmitting it to the booster unit.

In some situations, the donor antenna may have to be put in the attic. If you cannot get to the roof, or you lack access to it, mounting it there would not be possible. In this situation, the second-best location for it would be the attic. Another situation is when you cannot make changes to your rental house, such as setting a metal pole in order to mount the exterior antenna.

Mounting this component in your rafters would make the installation semi-permanent, and it would let you take it with you at the time of vacating the rental house. You may occasionally encounter a situation in which there is an excessive amount of cellular signal outside your building. Setting the booster system component in the attic would help in such a situation as it would help make the signal weak through the roofing materials and would aid in getting the best possible performance from the signal amplifier. In this case, the antenna technically becomes internal, although its purpose would remain the same.

Things To Consider When Installing External Antenna

  • Roofing materials such as metal, shingles and concrete will make the signals considerably weak, or occasionally the materials will keep these from getting in. So, consider doing a soft antenna installation, to ensure that everything works fine and that enough signal is available in the attic, before mounting it there permanently.
  • Installing the donor antenna in the residence will move it nearer to the internal antenna and will eliminate the shielding that your roofing raw material will create between the two antennae. In this case, make sure that there is sufficient distance between those two antennae for the signal amplifier to work properly.