Traveling To The UK? Stay Connected With A Mobile Signal Booster

Are you planning on a road trip through the United Kingdom? It is the best way to spend your holidays. Rent an RV and take your friends along with you on this wonderful trip. The United Kingdom is a beautiful country that gives memorable experiences to every visitor. A road trip along the heart of the country helps you to understand the cultural and geographical diversity of the United Kingdom.

One important thing that you should account for while taking a road trip is the cell reception. Basically, the cell coverage in the UK is pretty good. But still, there are some remote places in the country where the cell reception is not so good. If you are traveling through such areas, you might experience dropped calls, undelivered messages, and slow data speed.

The best way to counter this problem is to install a cell phone booster in your RV.

Boost Your Cell Reception Using A Cellular Repeater

While traveling, you might experience a weak cell reception due to a variety of reasons. One main reason is that you are constantly changing your location. The phone needs to find a new cell tower each time you change your location. Another reason might be something blocking the signal coming from the cell tower. It may be mountains, trees, or large buildings.

Sometimes your RV also acts as an obstruction because they are made with materials that could block the cell signals. The best option you have to counter these problems is to install an in-vehicle cell phone repeater in your RV. A signal booster improves the cell reception inside the RV by amplifying the cell signal.

How To Install A Cellular Repeater In RV?

A cell phone booster mainly has three components; an exterior antenna to receive the weak cell signal, an amplifier to increase the strength of the signal, and an interior antenna to redistribute the signal to the devices.

First, you need to install the exterior antenna on the roof of the RV. It can be mounted on a pole, or glued on the roof of the vehicle. Once the exterior antenna is mounted, connect the antenna to the amplifier placed inside the RV using a coaxial cable.

After that, connect the amplifier unit to the interior antenna mounted at the back of the RV. Once all the components of the booster system are connected, you will experience a significant increase in the mobile signal strength inside your RV.