Staying Mobile In Kensington’s Sprawling Gardens!

If you’re a tourist who wants to get a whiff of what the United Kingdom is all about, then there is no better place than good ol’ London. The hustle and bustle of the financial district to the rustic charm of the Lamb & Flag pub at Rose Street, London has it all! If you are somebody who wants to stay clear off the concrete and skyscrapers, then you can always find yourself in the Sprawling Gardens of Kensington.

But imagine, you take out your cell phone and you type the next spot that you should visit or a great restaurant/pub to soak in the nightlife air.  And how do you think the phone greets you? With a red cross resting on its dimly lit signal bar…No cell reception!

This is not the situation a traveller would want to be in. What if your loved ones have to get in touch with you? Or what if you want to call a friend to get you out of a sticky situation? All that you have now is a glorified MP4 player that doesn’t even do half of what it is designed to do! What a bummer.

What can you do to restore your signal bar to its former glory? We’ll tell you.

Stand Out From The Crowd

If you are in a place with a lot of people gathered then the best thing to do, would be to step away. When a lot of people hook onto the same cell tower, the traffic causes the connections to choke and what you finally end up with are dropped calls and internet speeds running at kB/s.

Charge Your Phone!

Your phone requires juice to run. The sole purpose for which it is designed is to ensure connectivity. Staying hooked onto the grid requires energy, which your phone should have. Carry a power bank if you feel necessary. Cut down on brightness and turn your phone to power saver mode to lower battery consumption if you don’t find an electrical outlet nearby.

Get Yourself A Mobile Repeater

Cell signal boosters or mobile repeaters are very cheap to buy. You can carry them with you. What you end up with is all day connectivity with minimal call drops!

Now you need not walk around the city with your phone held up high, and your gaze on your phone screen. You can now see the beauty and marvel that the city of London offers you!