Staying Connected Via Cell Phone In The Busy Streets Of London

The streets of London are always packed with tourists from different parts of the world. It is impossible to make even a phone call when it is so crowded. Just imagine your network carrier dumps you too at the same time? What will you do? How will you survive amidst the crowd with no cell phone signal? Here are a few easy fixes to your problem.

Remove Interference Between You And Cell Tower

Even if you are just visiting the place, you will know for sure that it will be crowded. Also, getting a signal with countless people around is next to impossible. Others around you might also be using their mobile phones. This can lead to signal congestions. As you know already, your mobile phone signals travel from the respective cell tower to your phone via RF signals. When the number of objects between you and the tower is more, the chance of you getting a strong signal is very low. What is your solution? It is simple, get away from the crowd.

Keep Phone Battery Charged

As you decide to step out this afternoon, ensure that your phone’s battery is fully charged. When you are in the middle of a crowd or an area with bad cell reception, you are forcing your mobile phone to work a double or triple shift for finding strong signals for you. They do the job well but in the process, they use up more battery power than expected. Thus it is advised to keep your mobile phone fully charged.

Check For Nearest Network Tower

From where you are standing, you might not be able to see anything; all thanks to the crowd. So, how about moving around a little and ask around to find the nearest mobile network tower. Once you have found the address, move in the direction of the tower. You will be surprised by the results of this hack.

Switch On That Wi-Fi

Switch on your phone’s Wi-Fi and connect it to the available safe and free Wi-Fi; I am sure there will be plenty, after all, it is a crowded tourist destination. Despite your weak mobile phone signal, you will be able to make calls via the internet voice calling and video calling applications.

If these hacks didn’t do the job right, the next one will surely solve your problem. The last hack is to use a 4G signal booster. These are devices that can amplify mobile signals in an area to improve cell phone reception. You can easily find 4G signal boosters online at much affordable rates.