Navigate The Thames Without Losing Cell Service

If you are on a London tour and want to go around the city without getting stuck in the traffic congestions, you could always go for a river bus trip in the Thames. The Thames is a symbol of the rich culture of London and getting onboard a river bus service in Thames let you see the famous landmarks of London on the way.

The security of river bus tours through Thames is assured but you cannot ignore the possibilities of cellular signals getting weak. Staying connected is quintessential, especially when you are in a new place, and issues in cellular signal strength can affect the quality of cellular communication, which is why it is highly recommended to get a good quality cell phone booster if you are on your London tour.

Cell Phone Booster

A cell phone booster is a simple device that can boost cellular signals despite their particularly low strengths. The major components include an external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna. External antenna takes up the signal from the outside and sends it to the amplifier that performs the major signal boosting function. The internal antenna rebroadcasts the signals that are effectively boosted by the amplifier.

Types Of External Antenna

There are two types of antenna that can be selected according to the available signal strength at your location. If you live in an urban location, you might probably receive signals from multiple carriers but the signal strengths might not be efficient. In instances like that, you may go with the option of omni-diretional antennas.

When you live in a remote location, the chances are you receive cellular signals from a single cell tower and the external antenna has to be installed properly by pointing to the right direction. The best types of external antenna that can be used in instances like this is a uni-directional antenna commonly referred to as a yagi antenna.

Omni-directional antenna collects signals available in a 360 degree range whereas uni-directional antenna collects signals available in a 45 degree range.

 Portable signal boosters

Although multiple options in signal boosters are available, permanent installment boosters that fit homes and vehicles might not come of use when you are continuously travelling making use of multiple modes of transport. You would need a portable signal booster that can be carried around easily on your trips.

 So before you pack your bags for a London trip, get the best phone booster to ensure a trouble free trip.