The Most Awesome Places in London to Buy Chips

Chips (or fries, as we call them stateside) are a lot more than a side dish, and no place gives you a better idea of this fact than London. First off, there are few foods which cannot be enhanced by chips. They are also something which can be eaten at any time, and during at any season. The city gives you a variety of options under chips, from skinny fries to cheesy chips, to chippie classics.

The Wigmore

The Wigmore is a tavern placed next to the Langham Hotel. World-renowned Michel Roux Jr. steers the awesome menu they serve here. If someone does a litmus test on the chips here, they should pass with flying colors, which means they go very well with milk, and also with pie.

The Guinea Grill

It is actually true that a great Porterhouse really needs some crispy fries to make it complete. The Guinea Grill provides potato chips just like any other shop does, but what makes theirs different is the addition of a delicious horseradish mash; you could also order the béarnaise, a sauce which goes incredibly well with chips.

Le Bab

Le Bab, since the time it began in 2015, has been making some of the most awesome kebabs you will ever encounter. They also serve some spectacular double cooked fries, together with melted cheese sauce. You could eat them either by dipping the chips lightly into the sauce, or by pouring the latter over the whole thing and then going to town on it.

Quo Vadis

The chips in Quo Vadis, prepared by Jeremy Lee, go very well with both smoked-eel sandwich and dressed crab. These are chunkier, and served along with ketchup and mayonnaise. The real purpose of serving chips at the bar is to soak them in the Manhattans, martinis, and dry red wine.

Fish Lounge

The Fish Lounge glows like a beautiful oasis at night on Brixton Hill. This place is famous for serving the freshest fish in the region and with deep fried, fluffy, piping hot and chunky chips. They also serve a proper tea called Fentiman’s Pop, which could wash all of it down. There is a BYO policy for patrons who cross the chugging time.