Best Parks in London to Hang Out

London Tours

When you plan for a trip to London, you will probably look for historic sites and buildings. Yes, London offers magnificent palaces, the London Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye and so many more. But London also has beautiful parks for hanging out.

 The parks in London offer a relaxing atmosphere from the roughness of the city. An outing in these beautiful parks makes your London guided tours memorable. These parks also offer various activities to enjoy; like a music concert, open-air theatre, etc.

Here are some of the best parks in London that you should visit.

Hyde Park

Opened in 1637, Hyde Park is one of the most visited parks in London. The park is covering around 360 acres and the park was used for royal hunting until it was opened for the general public in 1637.

The park contains several sporting facilities. The football grounds, tennis courts, and the cycle paths in the park offers a leisure time for the visitors. The Serpentine Lake in the park is used for boating and swimming. The park is adorned with numerous statues of historical figures like Genghis Khan and Achilles.

Richmond Park

The Richmond Park was originally opened as a deer park in 1634. Over six hundred deer are living in the park which is situated in the middle of the busy London city. This makes Richmond Park a favorite picnic spot for tourists as well as locals.

The park also offers activities like horse riding. The park has stables where you can rent a horse to ride. The presence of numerous trees in the park attracts birds. The park is easily accessible through the public transport and if you want to take a break from visiting galleries, museums and palaces, take a bus to Richmond Park.

 Greenwich Park

Located between Blackheath and Thames River, Greenwich Park spread across 163 acres. The park has the most beautiful rose garden in the London city. The park offers a small tea house, a deer park, tennis courts, and a boating lake. The Greenwich Park was once the palace ground of the Greenwich palace.

 One of the important attractions of the park is the National Maritime Museum. You will get a magnificent view of London when you stand on the hilly slope of the park. The park is the most desired location for live music concerts and open air theatres.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park also known as People’s park or Vicky Park was opened in 1845. The park is situated in East London and it has been a tourist attraction for many years. The park is a popular venue for music concerts and festivals. Approximately over nine million people visit the Victoria Park every year.

There are two playgrounds and two cafes at the east and west side of the park. Like most of the other parks in London Victoria Park also offers a variety of fun activities. The park has tennis courts, ponds, and paths for bike riding and skateboarding. The park is well maintained and it is definitely worth a visit.