The Most Important Historic Buildings in London

The city of London has its roots traced back to the Roman Era, and hence, it has a fair amount of historically important structures. In fact, many of these historic structures are today’s main tourist attractions and are looked at with great respect and care. Below are some of the most important historic buildings in London that you can visit with your London tour guide.

Tower of London

This is one of the major attractions of the city. It can be traced back to 1066 to the period of Norman Conquest. The structure has witnessed eight centuries of London history. It has seen the likes of prisoners, to the royal family as well as the politicians. The place hosts the oldest exhibition in the world and the lineup of precious objects includes Traitor’s Gate, priceless Crown Jewels, and the armor of the old rulers.

Westminster Abbey

This coronation church is included the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a famous structure from the city’s history. It has its origins in the 11th Century. It serves as the burial ground of some of the legends including English authors, thinkers, and scientists. The names include Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Darwin. Besides, the place was also the site where the royal wedding of Kate & Wills in 2011. The church also opens for worship every day.

Tower Bridge

This is the tower located in front of the Tower of London and is an iconic landmark of London. The structure sits over the River Thames and was installed back in 1894. Considering the resources available back then, the construction is said to be a great engineering achievement. Today, the public can get a good glimpse of the interior of the structure including the bowels of the bridge. You can also get to walk through the glass walkway above and see the pedestrians walking below.

Windsor Castle

This castle is known for being the largest occupied castle in the world and is the preferred residence of the Queen. This place is located in the outskirts of London in the small borough of Windsor. It is ideal for a one-day tour with several attractions including 39 staterooms, changing of the guard, and a famous dolls house.

Kensington Palace

This is one of the many royal residencies in the city. The palace is located in West London and was the childhood home of Queen Victoria. Afterward, late Princess Diana also lived here and now the place is the home of her eldest son, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William who lives here with Kate Middleton and their two children. You can visit several attractions including exhibits on show and its staterooms.