The Most Haunted Destinations in London

Stories about ghostly figures, myths, and urban legends still do the rounds in metropolitan cities, and London is no exception to them. There have been many stories that prove their staying power among the locals, especially. People take them in varying degrees of seriousness, and understandably so. Surprisingly, some take them more seriously than others do.

For instance, there is a hotel room in London, where members of the England Cricket Team have experienced instances of paranormal activity. Of course, as London is an old city, it is understandable why there are many such urban legends and mystifying tales. Maybe you could come across some of these when on a London guided tour bus.

Liverpool Street Station

It seems few things are as creepy as train stations. The word has it that a strange figure, clad in overalls, patrols the station platforms very late at night. The rumor also has it that the figure has been caught on CCTV, but nothing could be found whenever the matter has been investigated. Still, much like the underground stops, the Liverpool Street Station still has its own spooky stories to offer.

St. James’s Park

This park in Westminster city also has its own stories to tell. Maybe your London tour guide could be able to relate to some of them. Many people have previously reported to have come across one headless figure adjacent to the Blue Bridge. As per a legend, the figure is the murdered spouse of a soldier who is believed to have passed away back in the eighteenth century.

Adelphi Theater

One of the city’s most famous theaters witnessed actor William Terriss’ demise in 1897. He was actually stabbed to death by another actor. As one would perhaps expect, there have been many reported “appearances” by the Ghost of Terriss.

West Norwood Cemetery Catacombs

The catacombs here were constructed as the last resting place for several of London’s Victorians. It traces back to 1837. The location has extremely dark tunnels where ghosts linger in corners, so the story goes.

Covent Garden Tube Station

As one would expect, the underground tube station is also a spooky place. At the Covent Garden station, there is an urban legend about a worker being scared by a strange figure that vanished into thin air. It occurred upon a Christmas Eve and there have been reports that the evil spirit always comes back here occasionally.