The Best Places to Go Hiking in London

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Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend full of adventures. However, most of the people are unsure when it comes to choosing a perfect hiking spot. If you are living in an iconic city like London, you may feet that you would have to travel tons of miles to reach a beautiful hiking spot. Be ready to be surprised because London has amazing hiking trails just a few hours from the city center.

Seaford to Eastbourne

This awesome track filled with river valleys and cliff tops is the best hiking destination in the South of England. In this place, you would see the beautiful white cliff tops of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, which is outlined by the beautiful river valleys of Cuckmere Haven. A hike here may take a day, but is surely worth it because of the magical experience it promises you after your London guided tours.

Ockley to Leith Hill

This trek starts with climbing the steeper side in the south of Leith Hill. In this beautiful walk, you would be able to see quaint cottages and the lush green meadows throughout. When you reach the highest point of the Greensand Ridge, you would see the Leith Hill tower. If you climb this tower on a fogless and clear day, you would be able to see the clock tower of Big Ben, the English Channel, and 14 neighboring regions.

Mole Gap Trail

While you walk along the path of River Mole through Leatherhead to Dorking, you would be able to see a Manor House of the 18th Century at Norbury Park, as well as the Wine Estate of Denbies, which is England’s largest vineyard. It constitutes more than 10 percent of the total vine plantings in the United Kingdom. This beautiful place attracts almost 300,000 tourists every year.

Waltham Abbey

While you walk along the beautiful Lea Valley, you would pass many awesome sculptures such as the Glade Sculpture, carved wildlife benches, Stag Beetles Sculpture, and a sculpture of a Giant Chair. There is also an interesting work called Musicality here, which is a huge xylophone that could be seen in the park. This is definitely a trail to explore after your London guided tours.