5 Department Stores To Visit In London

London is known for its museums and cultural institutions. There are also so many department stores in London which provides opportunity for shopping and also for sightseeing. Here are the five most famous department stores in London which can allure the history buffs and the tourists.


It was Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American who established this store in 1909. It is situated in the London’s famous Oxford Street. The roof of Selfridges is famous for the events hosted here and also for the pop-up bars and restaurants. In 1920s and 30s this roof top was used by the shoppers for a stroll and relax after the shopping. There were also many fashion shows hosted here. This continued until the roof top garden was destroyed in the Second World War. But even now the roof top becomes active in the summer when there will be bars and restaurants open for the tourists on the rooftop.


This one is the most important and well known of all the department stores in London. It started as a small grocery and tea shop in 1849. Presently it is a seven story building which has large number of visitors every year. The Harrods was known for its luxury throughout the years of its growth. It became one of the world’s first buildings to have an escalator, in 1898. Today this is one of the most luxurious department stores in London.


This store started in 1891, sells up market clothing and international beauty products and accessories. There is also a big shoe department and several beauty treatment rooms in the building. In 1980 the building was extended and made double the size of the first one. Presently they sell the everyday fashions and many big name international labels.


The beautiful Tudor exterior of this department store makes Liberty the most loved store in London. The appeal of the store is increased by its location on Great Marlborough Street. The store was started in 1874, selling fabrics and ornaments from far countries like Japan. Presently the store has the most astonishing perfume and beauty department.

Fortnum and Mason

Started in 1707, it is one of the most luxurious of the department stores in London. It sells luxury items like wines, spirits, chocolates and teas. The store is famous for the surprises and secrets around every corner. The roof houses many beehives which is a pleasant view.

If you are planning on a London tour make sure you include the visit to these department stores in your itinerary.