3 Quirky Places to Go While in London

It often works out that your first moment in any new city is exciting beyond measure. The possibilities would seem boundless, and you wouldn’t know what to expect next. The bigger the city happens to be, the more you would usually get to see and do while visiting. London is one that cleanly fits the bill in this respect, in that it leaves a lot of visitors at least mildly baffled as to what they want to do first.

The other side of the coin, as no London tour guide would ever tell you, is where you have already visited plenty of times and checked out all the major attractions, in which case the place would no longer excite you the way it once did. Or at least, you don’t know the things that are left which you could get up to without getting bored. To help with that, we have gathered a list of some of the more quirky places to see while in London.

Serpentine Lido

For avid lovers of the fresh air and water combo, enjoying a bit of sunshine is something they can do in London by visiting the many Lidos or outdoor pools crisscrossing the city. Among these, the Serpentine is special for its lack of chlorination and open location in the heart of the city. What really sets it apart is the group of swimmers swimming sans wetsuits year round. The semi-famous Christmas Race would leave you cringing at the sight of these brave people vying for the championship. Races start at 8 a.m. every Saturday, all through the year.


Chances are you have never specifically wondered what it would be like to enjoy some of the best coffee in the world in an old-fashioned gents’ toilet. Attendant is one peculiar place that lets you do just that. It has six small tables which are jam-packed with locals come lunchtime, and the vibe of a former Victorian urinal (which it is). The place was built in the late 19th century and abandoned in the 60’s, decades before it was restored to immaculate detail. Attendant has won several awards for its décor and coffee.

Cabman Shelter

Stopping off at London’s last remaining cabman shelters is one thing that can fully round off your tour of the city. These spots were originally meant for taxi and cab drivers to grab a bite while it was raining out, and still sell cheap coffee and delicious sandwiches for a small portion of what you would pay at most restaurants.