What To Do At London In Summer 2019

London is always the dream city for many tourists. Many are the facts about London that makes it lovable. If you are thinking to go on a tour somewhere and have not yet fixed your location, London will be one of the best choices you can make. Like always, the city has lots to offer you this summer. Here are some of the things you can do in London this summer.

Sport Events

In this summer, England is hosting many sporting events, which you will be able to enjoy if you are a sports enthusiast. This includes the Wimbledon Tennis from July 1-14 and the Cricket World Cup. There will be numerous matches in the two famous cricket grounds of the country – Lords and The Oval. You will have the opportunity to enjoy these matches live at the stadiums.

Walk Along Regent’s Canal

If you are interested to be away from the crowd of the city and explore the local side of the city, head to the Regent’s Canal, which goes through North London. You have the Towpath café, Broadway Market, Victoria Park, etc. on the way where you can explore more.

Visit The Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the park, which was opened in the year 2014. It is the newest and largest park in London. This is the area where the 2012 London Olympics took place. Presently the place has waterways, playgrounds, sporting facilities, etc. You can enjoy your visit to the Olympic Park.

Notting Hill Carnival

Europe’s largest street festival, Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the Afro-Carribean culture. The carnival will be held in August. The carnival will have attractive processions, sound systems, food stands, etc.

Music Festivals And Outdoor Cinema

There are so many music festivals to look forward to this summer. The All Points East is only in its second year now, but has already become the best festival in East London. The 51st State Festival and South West Four are also excellent music festivals to look forward. You may also opt to watch a movie, which will be screened outdoors. Somerset House and The Luna Cinema are two places where you can enjoy such movie shows.

Stroll The Thames Path 

It is in the summer months that the Thames, the iconic artery of the London city, comes alive. It will be a beautiful and wonderful experience to take a stroll on the Thames Path or along the South Bank.

Make sure that you make the best out of your trip to London this summer.