Smart Gift Ideas for the People Visiting London

London Guided Tours

Don’t you think that finding something to gift someone close to you while they are taking a trip to London is a great idea to make them happier? Here are some of the best ideas to find the perfect gift for your loved ones who are curious to explore London. 

A Travel-Friendly Umbrella

One of the most needed things to have while visiting London is undoubtedly a handy travel-sized umbrella as it can save them during unexpected rains and scorching sunlight. The caution with these umbrellas is that they can’t withstand strong winds. But apart from this downside of it, most people would only prefer to have small-sized umbrellas with them as they will have a lot of other stuff to carry with them while touring London. 

Refillable Bottles and Cups

The majority of people in London would never appreciate anyone throwing away plastic cups and bottles after use. Therefore, it can be a great option to gift your loved one refillable water bottles or reusable cups if they like to have liquids while traveling around.

Also, a lot of shops and restaurants in London offer a discount to people who bring cups to have coffee and tea. This helps them to save a lot of their money, and does good to the environment too. You can get reusable cups and bottles very easily in London. While purchasing bottles, the best option would be to go for smaller-sized ones as they would be handy and easy to carry. 

A Visitor Oyster Card

One of the best options of a gift for anyone who loves to explore places is the gift of free public transportation at the place. Order a visitor oyster card before they arrive, and recharge it with enough money for them to travel. Loading around £7 for a day can be great. 

Power Adapters 

To have a power adaptor is one of the most important things for anyone who loves to travel for a long period. People who travel to London from the UK would most probably have plugs that do not fit into the sockets at this place. Therefore, getting them a few adapters from online stores can most probably save your guest. Keep in mind to select the ones with the plugs of the recipient’s country. 

Gift Vouchers for London Tours

Many tour companies are worth the money that most people in London would recommend for travelers. Most of them also contribute to the local economy of London and offer gift cards for travelers that can be used in London as well as in other cities. 

Also, various companies do food tours in London and various other nearby cities for travelers around the globe. The East End tour that usually combines food, history of London and street art also offers gift cards for travelers. 

Also, there are various worldwide companies whose focuses include responsible tourism which helps you to be sure about your guides being local and paid enough which, in turn, helps in contributing to the local economy of the place. These companies also offer gift card options for tourists. 

Afternoon Tea Experiences 

Visitors of London are most recommended to go for an afternoon tea as it is regarded as a tradition and also as a great experience. One of the easy ways to get this for a person is to do it on a popular gift voucher site. 

Tip to Book for a Great Afternoon Tea on a Gift Voucher Site 

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the voucher more than once before buying to make sure that it is redeemable for the days your guest would be in London. 

Good Food and Drink Experiences 

Just like afternoon tea experiences, food and drink gift sties would most probably have lunch and dinner experiences. Most of these sites in London have great deals for lunches at high-end restaurants that would help make the experiences a great gift. 

Tickets for Famous Attractions in London 

Most people who travel to London would have the dream of exploring at least a few of the attractions of the place, especially while they are on London Guided Tours. Getting tickets for the attraction can add up to their cost of travel and hence, gifting them tickets can be a great option. 

A good option is to choose attraction passes such as London Explorer pass or The London Pass. Though both of these work in a different way, they allow free entrance for the holder to select the attractions they like. This could give them more freedom to choose the places they wish to go to. 

Luggage for their Travel

Many travelers do not like to buy luggage for themselves, but love to get them as gifts. Getting a baggage or carry-on suitcase for your giftee might make them very happy. Hard cases are also good options as they protect the things inside from several terrible incidents.