Places From where You Can Get A Top View Of London

London Guided Tours

It will be an amazing experience to see the spectacular top view of London from various spots. Following are some of the places where you can get an incredible and impressive view of London from high up. You have to definitely visit these places during your London and Paris guided tours.

The cable car service by Emirates Air Line

This cable car runs across the river Thames. It moves between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks. This cable car is seen as a way for public transport and is also one of the cheapest methods to view the London city in a different way. You can see the stunning skyline above as well as the magnificent view of London city below. The whole journey takes about 10 minutes approximately. The height of this cable car reaches almost 90 meters and you can see the Canary Wharf skyscrapers at a distance along with the City of London.

The London Eye

This place has become one of the most visited locations of London because of the large flock of people that is travelling to this place every year. This was originally built at the South-bank of river Thames as a temporary feature. As the London Eye is located close to the centre of the London city, you can get spectacular views of the city while you are there. The Houses of Parliament together with the house of Westminster can be seen on this journey. The total time to complete this journey is almost half an hour and you will reach a height of 135m approximately.

The Orbit

The ArcelorMittal Orbit is situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was built for the London Games 2012 and is the tallest public art piece which is located in UK. The structure also has an unusual design which raised divided opinions. The main feature of this structure that attracts people is the large viewing platform which is built at its peak. The structure is 114.5 meter high and people can either choose to climb the steps or can take the lift to reach the peak of this structure.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

With the Tower Bridge Exhibition you will be able to see one of the most renowned bridges in the world itself. You will be able to visit the Victorian Engine rooms and see exhibitions that showcase the evolution of the city of London. The wonderful and exciting factor is the walk across the highest walkways of the bridge. These walkways have a height of 45 meters. When you travel along these walkways you will get a beautiful view over the river Thames. You can also view the Tower Of London as well as The Shard along these walkways.