Perfect Adventurous Ideas For A Date In London

London Guided Tours
London Guided Tours
London Guided Tours

When you and your partner are in a new city like London, do not restrict yourself to drinks and museum tours. When the city has so much to offer, why not break the rules and do something adventurous. Your date will be exquisite and fun-packed. As a tourist, you might not know the options you have in London. This article is about the exciting dates you and your partner can go on when on London tours.

Paddling In The River Thames

It is very common to go on dates near the river and is undoubtedly a romantic idea. The setting or rising sun, and the cool, beautiful river are what gives the date a romantic touch. Not to mention how pleasurable the Thames river is. What do you think about making such a date a little more exciting in a sporty way? Paddling is an open sport in the Thames. You and your partner can book a boat and paddle along the shore or enjoy the sunset in the middle of the river.

Walk On The O2              

This is something you would never have dreamt about! The O2 is a stadium that has hosted numerous shows and you might enjoy this magnificent beauty. What if you could walk on O2 along with your partner? People are given special shoes to wear inside the stadium, which are huge and grumpy. The top of the stadium offers the best and scenic view of the city. Altogether, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Ally Pally Segway Adventure

Adventure is not only limited to sports. You can have a nerdy adventurous date too. Set a date on the beautiful Alexandra Place on the green hills. You can enjoy the refreshing view of the city from the hilltop and it is also different to be away from the city. You can add a lot of fun by taking a Segway tour around the palace. The gyroscopic personal transporters are also real fun.

Sculpting On Ice

How much fun can you have on ice? With ice cubes and a set of drills, saws, and chisels, you and your partner can sculpt. To make it a bit more challenging, you can draw a heart or even a small leaf. Whatever you decide to make, it will be memorable and fun.

Taking London guided tours will help you explore the secrets of the city and give you innovative dating ideas.