Kid-Friendly Museums In London

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London is a wonderful place that offers a wide range of things for visitors to enjoy irrespective of their age, gender, preferences, and likes. There are a large number of monuments, museums, and other attractions in London that will mesmerize its visitors. If you are planning your London tours with your family, you would definitely want to locate some kid-friendly places in this city. Therefore, we are listing some of the important kid-friendly museums in London for your younger ones to enjoy.

National History Museum

A visit to the National History Museum will be an interesting experience for your children. After all what kid can resist the idea of seeing the fossil of dinosaurs. This museum has one of the famous dinosaur exhibits in the world. It houses the first T-rex fossil that has been ever discovered and a specimen of the Baryonyx, which is a type of large carnivorous dinosaur.

The exhibits of this museum are split into four zones. Among them, the Blue Zone carries a life-size model of a blue whale that will fill your kids with awe. Another zone called the Red Zone is entirely dedicated to geology, which takes you and your family on a journey towards the center of the earth. This will be an unforgettable experience for your kids during the London guided tours.

V&A Museum Of Childhood

This is another kid-friendly museum in London that will be really entertaining for your children. While other museums showcase exhibits which cannot be touched, the V&A Museum Of Childhood has taken an extra effort for including interactive exhibits that can keep your children busy. The adults can enjoy the display of rag dolls and dolls’ houses that date back to the 1600s which will evoke nostalgia. This museum also conducts treasure hunts and other free daily activities that can be interesting for your younger ones.

Horniman Museum And Gardens

Kids like to run around and play, which makes the Horniman Museum and Gardens an ideal place for them to explore. It has 16 acres of garden for the children to run around with their peers. It also offers daily free activities for children. It has a large number of exhibits that are suitable for both adults and children. There is a Nature Base in this museum which exhibits live animals. There are also a variety of other attractions here that are promised to entertain your children.

When visiting London along with your children, you will have to look for places that can keep your younger ones happy. The museums listed above are some of the important destinations that you can include in your London guided tour packages. This will help you to keep your children entertained during the London guided tours.