Interesting and Fun Things to Know about Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel is actually an underwater railway tunnel which goes underneath the English Channel. This awesome tunnel connects the United Kingdom’s Kent with Coquelles in France. The channel tunnel is also known as Chunnel among locals. The average London to Paris guided tours through the channel tunnel lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes, with the train reaching a speed of up to 300 km/h.

This magnificent tunnel was opened during May 6, 1994, and has since been regarded one of the engineering masterpieces in the world. It is well known for its appealing infrastructure. They hired more than 13,000 workers to build this marvelous artifice, and the engineers that worked on the project guaranteed it a life of 120 years. During 1994, this tunnel was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Number of Tunnels

There are three tunnels actually making up the Channel Tunnel. The ones at the ends are used for carrying trains. The smaller one in between is employed as a service tunnel. All of them are located about 40m below the sea level.

Cost of Tickets

Ticket cost at the channel tunnel can differ based on the day, time of the day you go, and also the size of your vehicle. Prices here are per car and not per person, which means you would be able to get a mid-sized family with you for a long trip, and not have to pay additional charges. You can also book in advance by logging onto their website.

Dimensions of the Channel Tunnel

This tunnel is about 31.35 miles in length, with around 24 miles of that situated under water. When combining the lengths of all the three tunnels which go across Great Britain and into France, plus the numerous smaller tunnels connecting these, you get a total of 95 miles. Traveling from one terminal to another in the channel tunnel would take about 35 minutes of time.

In addition, each of the two tunnels used for carrying the train have a diameter of 24 feet. The northern tunnel is that which takes travelers from England to France, and the southern tunnel takes them in other direction. Channel Tunnel is a great place to visit with kids and family, but you need to make sure everyone is medically fit for the experience this has in store for them.