Five Things You Should Do When Touring East London

London Guided Tours

Explore the best attractions with the help of this guide to the East London city. It is inarguably the scenester’s paradise and has some of London’s best museums, markets, green spaces, restaurants, and historic houses. The Shoreditch district has niche cafes, adult ball pits, ping-pong, and much more fun things to try when on London guided tours.

Visit The Museum Of London Docklands

The interesting tale of the famous Thames River, the port of it, and those settled there are in this former warehouse turned museum. You should visit the museum to trace this area’s history. View historic photos, printouts from the PLA (Port of London Authority) Archive, captured Nazi’s footage, Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s footage, and testimonies of the port’s part in confidential wartime projects.

Enjoy A Movie At The Castle Cinema

This is a boutique cinema hall, which is home to a bar with art deco-style architecture. It often plays commercial Hollywood movies and independent/indie films for the audience. The interior of it is stunning, plus there is that bar with elegant cocktail chairs and marble tables. Inside, there are 80 seats, plus the ceiling is covered in gold plasterwork that you are sure to like.

Have A Day-Out At Victoria Park

It is among people’s favorite open areas in London. No wonder why it is also called the “People’s Park”. In the summertime, festivals tend to take over the park, and in the subsequent season, the park treats visitors to firework displays. That is not all – there are Grade-II listed parts in the park, plus expansive lakes, the Pavilion Café, and a boating pond.

Get A Slice Of History At Dennis Severs’ House

This is a historic tourist attraction where visitors are engrossed in a one-of-a-kind theater. Walking into this place is like stepping into an artwork by an old master. In silence, the museum visitors go through the ‘still life drama’, as it describes itself. It is a house turned into a museum, where it seems like its inhabitants abandoned every single room moments before.

Play Board Games And Have Food At Draughts

This is a London board game bar with more than 500 games, enough to rock your work. You should visit it because these indoor games are available at any time of the year, not just at Christmas. Draughts is great for those who are skilled at games like ‘Seven Wonders’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Carcassonne’, ‘Monopoly’ and more.