Excellent Tips to Nail your London Sightseeing Tour

London is one of the most spectacular cities in the world to explore. It can be said that every visitor will be momentarily paralyzed with each and every sight here. The number and range of attractions in the city are countless. Some of the popular options include the regal castles, historical museums, adventurous parks, wondrous architectural aesthetics, and whatnot. So, venturing London will be a great option for all the travelers irrespective of their age, gender, areas of interest, etc., since the capital city of Britain has something in store for everyone. Small wonder that the number of visitors flocking to the English capital city is increasing with every passing year. However, most visitors, especially the first-timers are likely to get overwhelmed when it comes to the ideal tour options. Note that there are some outstanding ways to explore this magical city and nail your London sightseeing tour. Some of those options that you may consider are listed below.

Enjoy the charisma of the city from the river

First of all, not all the popular attractions or monuments in the city are lined alongside the Thames river, but most of them are. Besides, enjoying the magnificent view of this grand city while cruising along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world would be just indefinable. Some of the popular attractions that you can see on your mighty Thames river cruise include St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, etc. This tour option will be a great choice for all the visitors who like to spend their trip in a relaxed and fun way. Furthermore, it is recommended to consider London guided tours for the maiden visitors so that they will not miss out on any attractions.

London bus tours

There are many tourist bus services in London that are perfect for your sightseeing. It is to be noted that the top deck of these buses are entirely constructed using glass giving you a transparent and clear view of the city as the bus winds through several attractive neighborhoods and monuments here. Needless to mention, this will be the best way to explore this picturesque destination without getting lost. If you are planning to choose this option, you can save your bucks on private tour guide London. It is worth noting that most of these tourist bus companies in London offer live commentary and free river and walking tours to their customers. Alternately, you can consider hop on hop off bus tours as well. In this case, you can get down at any place that you find appealing and go for a stroll or explore the nearby places and then, re-board at your own leisure.

Guided walking tours

Most attractions in London are located at a walk-able distance. Hence, Guided walking tours will be a perfect option to explore your nearby places. If you already have an idea regarding the places here, you may consider a self-guided tour. If you are a first-timer, all you need will be a smartphone or a city map. Otherwise, you can download the walking tour map of London on your smartphone from the internet. This is one of the best ways to trim down your expenses in London since self-guided walking tours cost nothing. Ideally, most tourists consider walking tours starting from the Capital Ring to the jubilee walkway. This trail is divided into 15 walkways. On your way, you can witness some of the greenest suburbs in London as well as the popular landmarks in the city such as the Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc.

Make sure to carry an oyster card and a pair of comfy shoes

As mentioned earlier, most of the popular landmarks in London are located at an accessible distance. Furthermore, the traffic scene in London is not hidden from visitors. After all, the city is called big smoke for a reason. Probably, you might take hours to cover even shorter distances in vehicle making walking the best option to get around central London. Of course, too much walking can take a toll on your feet. So, it is always important to wear comfy shoes as you travel around the city. In case you are likely to travel longer distances, walking will not do. Rather, rely on any of the public transportation services in London. It is to be noted that your commutation can be made easier and hassle-free with the help of oyster cards. These are handy transport cards that will let you skip the long and tiring queues at metro ticket stations or other transport stations. In addition, most London buses do not take cash. So, purchasing an oyster card when in London will always be a good idea.

Sightseeing at night

Sightseeing at night in London, indeed in any city, will be fun. Most museums and national monuments in the city have some special night openings. Usually, you can expect a pop-up bar or any other unique events during this time. This will not only be a perfect option for all the nocturnal bees out there but also for day-time travelers if you wish to enjoy a different perspective of London. Plus, it will be a euphoric affair to explore London at night when all the city lights are on.