Best Indian Restaurants In London

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London Guided Tours
London Guided Tours

London is the city of different cultures and that means a wide variety of food. The city is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world. The people who visit the city every day are not coming just for seeing the iconic landmarks, but also for the food.

If you fancy Indian food during your London guided tours, here is the list of some of the best Indian restaurants in London that you can visit.


Located in Mayfair, Gymkhana is one of the finest Indian restaurants that serve some of the delicious North Indian cuisines. Locals, as well as foreigners, are attracted to this restaurant just because of their spicy guinea fowl tikka and wild muntjac biryani. The restaurant is not exactly budget-friendly, but it offers some finest Indian dishes at affordable prices.


The restaurant was opened in 2018 and serving some of the finest Indian dishes for the past couple of years. The theme of the restaurant is a hunting expedition in the Indian countryside. The main attraction of the restaurant is the Indian style seafood, such as crunchy prawn masala and velvety coconut seabass with mussels. The restaurant is located at 10 Lincoln Street

Lucknow 49

Whenever you fancy homely Indian food, just go and visit Lucknow 49. It is a nice place to hang out with your friends. The whole vibe of the restaurant gives you a feeling that you just visited a restaurant in India. The food in Lucknow 49 is remarkable. Especially the quail dahl and lamb main, which is served in a spicy sauce.


Tamarind is one of London’s oldest Indian Restaurants. The restaurant has an elegant and old-school look, which attracts many customers from all over the world. After an eight-month-long renovation, the restaurant is reopened with exciting new dishes. Most of the new dishes are seafood dishes. The restaurant also has a variety of options for vegetarians.

Soho Wala

Best guided tours in London offers a trip to most of the iconic landmarks in London, including the grand dame department store in the Great Marlborough Street. When you visit the Great Marlborough Street, do not forget to try the bhelpuri from the finest Indian restaurant in the neighborhood, Soho Wala. The restaurant also offers delicious Indian dishes from different parts of northern India.

Little Kolkata

Located in Shelton Street, Little Kolkata serves delicious dishes from the Indian state of West Bengal. The locals regularly visit the restaurant just to try the rich, slow-cooked goat. The sticky chili chicken is also one of the popular dishes of the restaurant.