Visiting the English Capital City with Toddlers

London is one of the most family-friendly cities in the world. Usually, this will be the first choice that may pop into the mind of almost every traveler when it comes to a perfect family-friendly holiday destination. There is a wide range of parks and open spaces in the English capital city where you can spend time with your family. Plus, there are many world-class attractions here that are sure to make your kids excited. However, you will be a bit more concerned if you are planning to travel around London with your babies or toddlers.

In this case, you must not only consider the attraction or sightseeing opportunities here but also ensure the safety of your little ones. Fortunately, London offers all this. Additionally, below are some of the major highlights that facilitate the idea of planning a family trip to this magical land.

  • Children under 5 years of age can travel on London transport for free of cost.
  • Unlike some countries, it is widely accepted in London to breastfeed your little ones at public places.
  • You can get brig a buggy or stroller to underground tube stations.
  • The city offers plenty of opportunities for young kids such as children’s theaters, baby discos, zoos, city farms, etc.
  • The entry for children under 5 years of age to most London attractions is free of cost.

Still, if you are skeptic about traveling around London with your babies or toddlers, there are many useful tips that you may consider to enjoy a tantrum-free, fun, and safe trip. As mentioned above, you can take strollers and buggies on London public transport making it easier for you to travel with your little ones. Note that you can figure out the step-free tube stations by checking on the TfL (Transport for London) step-free tube map.

In case there are other adults in your family, they can carry strollers up the stairs. Otherwise, there will be many Londoners who will be more than happy to help you in such cases. On top of that, there are designated areas for strollers and buggies in tube trains, buses, and other local trains. However, it is advisable not to travel with your babies on the train during peak time since it will be extremely crowded.

Furthermore, the South Bank is an ideal spot in London to explore with your kids and babies. It is to be noted that the entire locality is step-free and hence you can easily carry your kids in buggies. Additionally, there are some captivating attractions in this area that are perfect for both kids and adults. Some of those attractions include boat spotting on the Thames River, buskers and street performances, public fountains, sea life aquarium, museums, etc.