Spectacular Ways to Explore London

London city is popular for many things including its beautiful skyline, extended spans of Oxford Street shops, and of course, rich culture. There are a number of places to explore in this stunning city, but if you think an open top bus or bike is all that London guided tours are about, then you have another thought coming. In short, there are many awesome alternative ways to explore the city.

Helicopter Tour

London can be toured via helicopter, specifically around sunset. The most amusing thing about this tour is that you would be going up when the sun is going the other way. The trip would help you to catch breathtaking views of the city under the soft light of twilight. These awesome helicopter rides would show you many of the iconic landmarks from a different perspective.

The helicopter flights include the London Buzz, London Sights and London Max. London Buzz is a ten-minute tour through central London.. London Sights lasts for 20 minutes and is also the most popular helicopter tour. In this tour, you would be flying down the river Thames from its west to the east.. London Max is a 30-minute trip where you would be able to enjoy with your friends, colleagues or family.

Shared Viewing Platform

Another interesting way to see London is by looking down to the Tower Bridge from the top-floors viewing platform on the 95-story London Shard. The Shard is the tallest structure in Western Europe. This awesome skyscraper has a height of 308 meters, and was designed by Renzo Piano, a renowned Italian architect.

You would be able to get the best views of the city from floors 68, 69 and 72 of the Shard. You can also get a 360° view of the city for about 40 miles from the top floors. They also host many events such as silent discos, album launches, and yoga classes here. There is no time limit to being here, but they do charge almost extortionately. That said, the views are definitely worth what you pay. You can also buy snacks and drinks all through the attraction, and tickets to the Shard can be booked well in advance.