List of Significant Restaurants in London

London is a beautiful city filled with a large number of attractions ranging from Big Ben to the iconic London Eye. London guided tours would always take you through all these popular attractions in the city. However, this is not all that London has to offer you; the magnificent metropolis is a paradise to all foodies as well. The city has a number of reputable restaurants, which provides high-quality food service. Below is a list of some of the awesome restaurants in London city.

Xi’an Impression

Xi’an Impression is located on the side of the street that faces Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. This awesome restaurant is run by Chef Wei Guirong. The restaurant serves authentic and tasty Chinese recipes, and most of their dishes include hand-pulled Chinese noodles as well.

You would be able to enjoy many different varieties of dishes here, which includes the Pappardelle Pasta that is served along with vegetable ribbons, zinging Sichuan peppercorns, and umami-rich sauce of soybean paste. Besides this, they also offer finely salted and peppered squid, and garlic and ginger Chinese greens as the starter course. All the foods served at this place are really regarded to be the best in London.

The staffs at the restaurant are also welcoming and friendly; while another interesting thing about this place is that they serve food at a very reasonable rate.

Etles Uyghur Restaurant

This splendid restaurant is located near the Walthamstow Central station. The restaurant was opened in 2017. At this place, you would be able to enjoy tasty and authentic cuisines from Xinjiang. This is really a wonderful place for hanging out with your friends. The tasty dishes served here include a peppery chicken with surprisingly deep savory and potato stew, noodles that are served along with Sichuan peppercorns.

P. Franco

You would be able to find this wonderful restaurant is located at 107 Clapton Road, London. This is relatively a new restaurant in the city; it was opened in 2017. At this place, you would be able to taste awesome and innovative dishes.

All the dishes served at this place are prepared by the team of chefs, which includes Tim Spedding, William Gleave, Belvedere, George Tomlin, and Giuseppes Lacorazza. It is their gastronome artistry, which raised this restaurant to the heights. You would be able to taste a variety of delicious Parisian-style dishes from this place. The place is also well known for serving good quality wines.