Best Places in London for Unusual Afternoon Teas

London has to offer numerous unusual, though charming spots to have your afternoon tea. The quirky and fun-filled delicacies will cater a vivid take on the stereotypical tradition. Enjoy themed drink and food at any of the below listed interesting venue along with sweet treats to your special afternoon teas.

The Swan

The view from the restaurant situated at the riverside is a beautiful sight to behold. More beautiful is having afternoon tea from The Swan. The eatery had been inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of the greatest plays of Shakespeare. Mulberry scones, Potion Cocktail, and flowery macaroons together bring about a capricious mix of both savory and sweet elements of the afternoon tea.


Italian dishes can be savored the best in London in Il Pampero, themed as “Napolitea” with the menu listing out Parma ham with melon, ricotta chocolate cannoli, truffle arancini, Italian doughnuts, bruschetta and many more. For those who want Italian bubbles in the tea can go for Bottomless procescco.

May Fair Kitchen

Once you step into the eatery, you won’t feel anything less than Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, with all those delicacies made of chocolate such as doughnuts in chocolate sauce, chocolate scones, chocolate truffles and many more. The extravagant chocolate afternoon tea is a delight from Charbonnelet Walker. Besides this May Fair Kitchen also serves smoked salmon and lemon butter, traditional finger sandwiches etc. 

The Cookery School

Just sip your afternoon tea from where it all happens. Across the Little Portland Street in London, you could find the Cookery School, where the secret behind a range of pastries, cakes, scones, and sandwiches are taught to cooking enthusiasts. You may try your hand in the making of savory bites and other interesting sweets along with the simmering of your afternoon tea and sparkling wine.


This has got an added advantage of sightseeing and having the afternoon teas while you are in the London guided tours. It would prove to be an attractively quirky idea to get into Bustronome, a glass-roofed double-decker bus that serves French-inspired afternoon tea on its upper floor.


The vintage book menu and all the setting at Sanderson are for all those odd ones out there. It will not feel much different from the Mad Hatter’s tea party that you are hosting in your crazy idea. The exclusive Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea served along with Ham Croque monsieur, King of Hearts parmesan and Tweedle Dee lemon curd financier are sheer mouth watery delicacies.