An Adventure Seeker’s Guide to London

London city offers a number of attractions to every traveler irrespective of his/her area of interest. There are many stunning monuments and constructions for an architecture enthusiast, historical and majestic spots for a history buff, park and tranquil spots for romantic couples, nightclubs and pubs for nocturnal bees, etc.

London offers a number of attractions that are perfect to give you an adrenaline rush too as you start exploring the city. Furthermore, the eccentricity of most adventurous activities here will be of another level. In fact, there are many movies, which made use of this adventurous side of London. So, why not include some thrilling activities in your London guided tours itinerary as well? Below are some option that you can try in that regard.

Check Out the O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is one of the best indoor stadiums located in southeast London. By making your way to the rooftop of this multi-purpose activity center and, you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of London. Note that it is recommended to climb up the O2 Arena during or after sunset in order to experience the best view. Apart from this super thrilling activity, the O2 Arena is home to many popular sports, comedy, music, and entertainment shows as well.

Go for a Helicopter Ride

Nothing can beat the aerial view of London city. If you look forward to enjoying this unique sightseeing experience in the best way possible, a helicopter ride will be your way to go. For this, hop on a chopper from Battersea heliport and get mesmerized from the sight of almost every London landmark from a bird’s eye view. Helicopter rides usually last for 20 minutes, but it also depends upon your package. It will be ideal to take your family or friends along on the helicopter ride in order to make it an exciting and unforgettable moment.

Try Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are interested to get mesmerized by the London skyline but at a slower pace, a hot air balloon trip will be the perfect option for you. The hot air balloon will make its way from the scenic Thames River and will cover many popular landmarks in London such as the Buckingham Palace, Wembley Stadium, and many other stunning architectural wonders. Note that you may sometimes experience dizziness as you fly high, but it will last only for a few seconds.