4 Haunted Places to Visit in London

London is a city with many attractions for the visitors. It is the home city of many of the world’s popular leaders. Also the city has been the centre of many ghost stories. Here is a list of top five haunted places to visit in your London guided tours.

Tower of London

Between the years 1100 and 1952, the Tower of London housed the prisoners of the Royal Family. The people whom the family disliked were imprisoned here. The prisoners were usually beheaded and it is believed that even after death they have not completely left the building. Many employees and visitors have reported of hearing voices and apparitions which is believed to be from the ghosts who live in the tower. The ghosts of some famous figures such as Lady Jane Grey and Henry VI are believed to be roaming inside the tower.

London Tombs

London tombs have an artificially made up haunted atmosphere. There are many actors here whose work is to act as ghosts and scare people who come here. But it is believed that there are also true ghosts walking around the tombs. There have been reports of many people seeing Emily, a young woman and also seeing a dark shadow of a man. This was the area where the mass burial of the people who died in the Bubonic plague was arranged.

The Spaniard’s Inn

This is a historic inn which was built in 1585 and worked to serve thousands of people. But this place is believed to be haunted. A British man named Dick Turpin had spent much time in the Inn watching the travelers and planning robbery. It is believed that his ghost is still present in the Inn and had been reportedly seen by many. There have also been reports of seeing a woman ghost whose identity still remains a mystery.

Ragged School Museum

This was the school opened in 1877, to provide basic education to the children from Mile End. In 1908, the school was closed because it became unnecessary. In 1990 the school was reopened as a museum and from then on, visitors have complained of hearing laughter and cries from the building. Some even claim to have communicated with the spirits of the kids who had studied here. The ghost hunters who investigated the place have found the presence of paranormal powers here.

There are many more haunted places in London. If you are a lover of ghost stories and fairy tales, these are must visit places on your London tours.